1. June 3rd, 2013

    • b&w geometric scarf, H&M. 2013.
    • black henly, H&M. 2013.
    • dark blue skinny jeans, Old Navy. 2013.
    • flip flops with silver studs, too old to know.
    • lapiz lazuli earrings from Temecula gem fair. 2010.
    • vintage sunglasses. 1990s.

    in/our: Walking my dog around the corner; it was windy & my scarf and earrings fluttered in the wind.

    Internal assessment: As I was getting dressed and looking for indoor-only pants to wear around the house*, I found my grey A-line American Apparel skirt and put it on. While I feel strongly about not dirtying my ‘going out’ clothes for working at home — they’ll last longer and get less dirty and need less washing and collect less pet fur — I couldn’t stomach looking down and seeing a tiny bit of flounce around the hemline, a skirt edging its way into twirly skirt territory. It came off almost immediately and as succor for my distressed self, I got dressed in going out clothes that feel good and much more masculine of center.

    *Indoor only clothing: does anyone else do that? I have going out clothes — not fancy clothes, mind you, just clothes that I like — and junk clothes, which include stuff like promotional t-shirts and unflattering or unfashionable items that seem like a waste to give away. 

    butch/femme: This shirt feels deliciously masculine, or at least androgenyous — the functional sleeve ties are so great and the collar is no nonsense as well. I’ve seen other androgynous, MoC folks wearing the same shirt, so I feel vaguely justified in categorizing it like that. The pants, flip flops, earrings and scarf are meh to me. Basically I felt very un-frilly and was deeply comforted by that.

    Influences: not feeling twirly-skirted; this outfit felt like the converse of that.