1. July 1st, 2013

    • black jeans, Old Navy. 2013.
    • red American Apparel v-neck shirt. 2012.
    • power sander & a sharpie army.

    in/out: working on this lovely wooden sign.

    assessment: I wear this outfit to all manner of occasions & activities — Ships in the Night, family dinners, playing with power tools, Hella Gay, grocery shopping, wherever, I’ve worn it there — it’s the closest I’ve got to a uniform. The details that go with the outfit change — different necklaces, different shoes, different earrings, different jackets, different funky socks, even different colors of the same shirt — but the staples of the plain v-neck and skinny jeans that stop right around the ankle stay the same.

    I love this v-neck, which doesn’t hide that yes, I have boobs & cleavage, but also isn’t cut in a way that attempts to make my cleavage or curves the focus; the fabric drapes without being clingy or intensely form-fitting or, ugh, having a baby-doll fit. I’m also intensely fond of the array of extra-bright colors this shirt exists in.

    butch/femme: genderfuckery with power tools!